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Open Source Download: Bombie Zombopolis
News posted 13th April, 2010 by OMC  
Codemonkey has been working on a sequel of sorts to his game Bombie Zombie. Unfortunately, he seems to have become too unfamiliar with his code and has decided to release Bombie Zombopolis as open source. You can check out what he originally intended to be a sprawling open-world 2D shooter, and blow up some mean green baddies with your shotgun.

Comments from the Monkey: "It's a game I was working on but stopped. It's got some nice stuff in it if you want to look around, even though I probably did most of it really inefficiently. Its got some instant hit stuff, some multiple AI and platform movement stuff. Lots of stuff. None of the stuff is commented though so have fun trying to figure it out, God knows I never will."

Download the Bombie Zombopolis source code

Posted by Ski 13th April, 2010

Oh he's still alive then, lol.
Posted by Codemonkey 13th April, 2010

More like undead...


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