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New Download: Pictionary Online
News posted 17th April, 2010 by OMC  
Wow! We were just hit with a bunch of download submissions! (Be back in a bit with some more!) Pictionary Online is Sumo148's awesome multiplayer picture-guessing game. He's been working on this for a little while and posting beta versions in the VIP forum, but now he's unleashed it upon the entire world!

Comments from Sumo: "The game is finally here! Play online against people around the world while you draw and guess words. Pictionary online allows users to host customizable games in the lobby and use user-created vocabulary lists. Have a blast trying to interpret other people's drawings and be the first to guess the word correctly. The first person that reaches the required amount of points wins the match!"

Would be rather fun to have a TDC-wide competition, don't you think?

Download Pictionary Online

Posted by Ski 18th April, 2010

I want constructionary
Comment edited by -Adam- on 4/18/2010
Posted by Sumo148 18th April, 2010

Yay! Thanks OMC. Anyone wanna play a game tomorrow? I'll try to be on most of the day
Posted by OMC 18th April, 2010

I'll try to be on in the afternoon.
Posted by SToP GAP 28th April, 2010

Fantastic work, I've really enjoyed playing this Glad you've got it finished... just as soon as I've finished the CC2010 website payment system I'll have a play again!


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