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New Downloads: Terminal Orbit and C.A.T. Hero
News posted 17th April, 2010 by OMC  
Kisguri's latest uploads are samples of some of the software on the digital kliking magazine, the Klikdisc. First up is Terminal Orbit, based on a 2009 competition game. Sporting a crazy-cool CG intro and some nice production values, this RTS demo should do well to keep your attention.

Comments from Kisguri: "Terminal Orbit is based on the 2009 20 event entry Beetle Invasion by O. Fredriksson and fully fleshed out with a simple resource management engine, Base building and tons of units blowing each other up. This open source game is on the April 2010 Issue of Klikdisc and where as not perfect by any means demonstrates that a RTS styled game is a possibility in the MMF2 Tool!"

Download the Terminal Orbit Demo

The other game is Chemical Annihilation Thrash Hero, a Guitar Hero clone example whose source can be nabbed on the Klikdisc for full-game-ification. Check it out here.

Posted by Fanotherpg 18th April, 2010

OMC Terminal Orbit is not based on ANY 2009 competition game. It's original game on which Tigerworks was working back in MMF 1.5 days - 2003-2005...
Posted by OMC 18th April, 2010

I've played that one. This is apparently a different one.
Posted by Kisguri 18th April, 2010

To be Clear Fano, Terminal Orbit is a Game we designed together, (Gamesare and Tigerworks) he was to do the engine, we did everything else, I took the Beetle Invasion Engine and used the TO ip we had developed to make this game.
Posted by Fanotherpg 18th April, 2010

OK, thanks for clearing that one Kis Thanks a lot!


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