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New Project: Heavy Blast - Mercenaries
News posted 20th April, 2010 by OMC  
The Projects Page got an interesting new surprise today. Heavy Blast - Mercenaries by LOIC is a high-quality shooter with pre-rendered 3D graphics. The game looks fantastic, and what little I've played seems to control very well.

Comments from the author: "The game play is classic but effective, the emphasis is put on the dynamism of the game. The player must traverse 18 levels with a spaceship (6 playable ships, each one with its own characteristics, like in Wipeout) and collect a maximum of bonus of all kind throughout the levels to get the best weapon configuration possible to meet the boss (over 40 bosses and sub bosses in total)."

There's also a nifty story with "evolving characters". The best part is that you can already download a trial from a link on the project page!

Go to the Heavy Blast - Mercenaries Project Page

Posted by LOIC 20th April, 2010

thank for this very good new !

And sorry for my english, but I'm french ^^

Good gaming !
Posted by lembi2001 20th April, 2010

Looking forward to playing this game
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th April, 2010

Looks heavy!
Posted by Twiner 21st April, 2010

Great job LOIC, all this work and this courage... it's impressive!
Comment edited by Twiner on 4/21/2010
Posted by Ecstazy 23rd April, 2010

"evolving characters" said OMC with disbelief.
Posted by OMC 23rd April, 2010

"evolving characters" said OMC with the desire to convey that they were not his words.

"Must get food" said OMC as he realized the lack of breakfast on the day's todo list.
Posted by LOIC 28th April, 2010

Thanks for yours coments


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