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GOTM FEBRUARY WINNER: ZDay20 And GB Skype chatero!
News posted 24th April, 2010 by Rikus  
Ok so we are only a couple of months behind really, but who is counting right? Still Congrats to Jess Bowers and Assault Andy for winning Februarys GOTM!! They won with ZDay20 a cool Zombie game that many people have enjoyed playing. Lets give them your hardy congrats in the comments! Click here to download Zday20!

Coming in second place is Nim with Uchuusen! And finally, third place and a spiffy bronze trophy goes to HitmanN with Hanuro Hawk!

Also OMC is going to make a new post shortly on the Arcade compo submissions so keep a eye on that and for myself I have been and will be out for the next while since life and work mixed its way into all of my free time. Oh well Im not 16 anymore darnit, guess thats the way it goes. But its all good!.

On a side note, if you are looking for some fun times be sure to check out gamebuilders recent Skype chat with some members of the community (including our good friend Jess Bowers!) Click here to get some more info and download the mp3!

Oh and here is a shout out to my super good GB friends Adam,cecil, ricky, steven and my best friend Jacob. With that being said, back into that crazy world of life I go!

Oh and ps, a new season of klikcast is in the making but the darn thing just takes time to do but its still comin hopefully in may. On that note I want to leave you with some wise words from my main Playstation man: Kevin Butler!!

Posted by Rikus 24th April, 2010

Conhrats to Jess and Andy!!!!

Kevin Butler should host this years ps3-E3 conference, that would be awesome!
Posted by FlyingPigBoy 24th April, 2010

The link for ZDay20 takes me to Xtreme Box +.
Posted by Marko 24th April, 2010

Congrats to Jess Bowers and Assault Andy - it is a very worthy GOTM winner!
Posted by HitmanN 24th April, 2010

Congrats for the GOTM win.

...but what about second and third places? ;_; There were 2nd and 3rd in January too.
Posted by johnpow66 24th April, 2010

yea wtf the links messed up takes 2 me the box game
Posted by OMC 24th April, 2010

Link should be fixed. Congrats on winning, guys!
Posted by HitmanN 24th April, 2010

So GOTMs won't have 2nd and 3rd places from now on?
Posted by OMC 24th April, 2010

I'm sure Rikus just forgot since he's been doing GOTW for so long. I don't suppose you noticed what was in second and third place at the end?
Posted by HitmanN 24th April, 2010

The last time I checked, maybe day or two ago, votes were something like:
15 - Zday20
13 - Uchuusen
10 - Hanuro Hawk v1.03 (ahem...)
7 - Marker Mayhem

Not 100% sure though.
Posted by OMC 24th April, 2010

That's what I remember too. Unless someone else remembers otherwise, I'll update the post and trophies soon.
Posted by Ricky 24th April, 2010

Shout right back at you Rikus n__n
Posted by Xhunterko 25th April, 2010

Congrats! All!

And I'll be looking forward to joining the klikcast again!


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