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Arcade Compo Finally Over!
News posted 24th April, 2010 by OMC  
Well, it's been a long time coming (sorry again!), but we're finally closing the arcade competition. We've set up some preliminary judging criteria and should get the scores up as soon as we can.

A list of the entries:
Space Commander: Soran Training by Marko
Avalanche Ascent by Sumo148
Rhythmix Calculix by Zoglu
Neonworld Grix by Blackgaze
Mayhem by Solgryn
Real360 Pong by SiLVERFIRE
Panda Blitz by Deaval
Overkill by W3R3W00F
Elementas Online by NastyMan

Now, if you don't see your game on the list, don't panic! There are a few other arcade games in the queue, but they haven't been explicitly designated as compo entries. Since I didn't receive the entries, I don't know which is which! Please do DC Mail me if you submitted a game! Judging will begin when the list is satisfactorily filled.

Good luck to all the participants! A cool Flash Exporter, courtesy of Clickteam, is the prize. And remember, you can submit arcade games whenever you want!

Posted by Silveraura 24th April, 2010

I sent you a DC Mail for my entry. ._.
Posted by OMC 24th April, 2010

It's added!

I've got these:
Elementas online
Rush to the Horizon
Panda Blitz
And they appear to be competition entries. Some verification would be great. Sorry for this extra step folks, but it's necessary if I'm going to administrate this compo correctly.
Posted by Yai7 24th April, 2010

Elementas Online is an entry!
Just make sure you got the last updated fully working version downloaded which I sent you a minute ago!

Elementas Online is my part to the competition indeed!
Posted by Yai7 24th April, 2010

Be sure that the scores are of player one and the game itself ment to be vitalized!
Posted by Marko 24th April, 2010

Good luck to everyone else who entered (but not too much luck, eh?)
Posted by Zoglu 25th April, 2010

As Marko said, good luck to everyone, but a bit more luck to me
Posted by Sumo148 25th April, 2010

Good Luck to everyone Can't wait to see these games in the arcade!
Posted by Blackgaze 26th April, 2010

Looking forward to the results
Posted by OMC 27th April, 2010

Agnrngrg... All the other admins have abandoned me. As of now I'm the only one officially judging, and even that may be difficult since my internet service is cutting out randomly.

I'm not giving up yet guys. Bear with me!
Posted by Marko 27th April, 2010

OMC - you da man!
Posted by W3R3W00F 29th April, 2010

GOMC! (A spiffy portmanteau between "GO" And "OMC")
Posted by Marko 29th April, 2010

i like it - GOMC!!
Posted by RedEnchilada 29th April, 2010

Is Do You Want Fries With That in the queue? I believe I submitted that as a compo entry!
Posted by OMC 29th April, 2010

I didn't get that, nope! Better DC Mail it to me. I really wish the entries had been sent to me. Could have avoided this mess!


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