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New Arcade Games
News posted 25th April, 2010 by Clubsoft  
Four new games have been added to the Daily Click arcade, up and ready to have their high scores tables filled.

The new games (in no particular order), are as follows:

Pudded 2 by Solgryn,

Space Commander: Soran Training by Marko,

Avalanche Ascent by Sumo148, and..

Escape From Chantico Temple by Dave C

More are on the way, and will be added in random order, so watch this space!

Posted by Sumo148 25th April, 2010

My game is up Although the semi-transparency doesn't work for counters, the background doesn't scroll (uses layer object) and there is a weird white space on the top of the screen
Posted by Marko 25th April, 2010

Loving your game sumo148, and loving seeing mine up too! Cheers Club, OMC and Rikus!
Posted by W3R3W00F 25th April, 2010

I like Marko's game.

Also I'm with Marko, kudos to the Clubby, the OMC, and the Rikus!
Posted by OMC 25th April, 2010

I haven't put any arcade games up yet!
Posted by Marko 25th April, 2010

Yeah but you kept us compo-guys in the loop - it was recognised as a team effort, OMC


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