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Click Convention 2010 UPDATE: Tickets Available!
News posted 30th April, 2010 by The Chris Street  
More details are emerging in regards to this years convention held in Luton, United Kingdom. The ticket prices have now been revealed, and can be purchased from the Click Convention website, under the Tickets section, but PayPal is required.

A Standard ticket costs 28.00 and grants you entry to the convention, tea/coffee/biscuits and a buffet lunch. To buy this ticket you need to be 16 years old or over, or you can obtain parental permission if you're under 16 and wish to go alone.

A Junior ticket costs 49.00 and gives you all the above privileges, but this is for one child and one accompanying adult.

Programme details are in the planning stages, but events loosely scheduled so far include a Clickteam presentation, with MMF2/TGF2 news and developments, community member presentations, the world famous Clickteam Q+A session, Competition Time, Word Up! (Formerly known as WTFD!) - an online multiplayer Scrabble clone... and more to come.

I'm going to book my ticket very soon... make sure you do the same! Hope to see you there :)

Posted by Fanotherpg 30th April, 2010

See you there Chris.
Posted by Mark McCauley 30th April, 2010

wish i could go but many excuses... prevent me
Posted by Marko 30th April, 2010

I'll see you there too
Posted by lembi2001 30th April, 2010

Trying to talk the missus into letting me go. Trying to convince her with the lure of a shopping trip. Will see how I get on.
Posted by Marko 30th April, 2010

Try this Lembi...

Buy the ticket and book a room at the hotel (even if you're not staying the night). Leave the receipt/booking info "accidently" lying around somewhere you know she'll stumble across it, but not so obvious that it looks like you planted it there. When she finds it she'll suspect you're cheating on her and you've booked a room for you and your mistress. She'll go ape sh*t. This is good.

Give her a few hours to really let it sink in (lots of crying time and stuff) and then approach her. She should start screaming at you, saying stuff like "who is she?" and "why??", to which you can calmly tell her and show her it's actually for a click convention and that it as a surprise.

I guarantee she'll be so relieved that you're not cheating on her she'll think it'll be a great idea you (both) go, maybe even insist you go to ease her guilt of ever mis-trusting you!

It'll work a treat!!
Posted by Johnny Look 30th April, 2010

ahaha marko that could work, but she would be left traumatized
Posted by Marko 30th April, 2010

Oh crap - i just realised i can't come afterall! I have tickets to Sonisphere all that weekend.... bummer!
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th April, 2010

I'll be having a click convention of my own. At my house.

Posted by W3R3W00F 1st May, 2010

See you there, UrbanMonk!

But seriously, if I lived anywhere near Luton I'd totally go. Unfortunately I'm stuck here in the U.S, so... :C
Posted by Hayo 1st May, 2010

I might go, if other plans don't get in the way again.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 1st May, 2010

All the way over in Australia They should totally broadcast it live like E3
Posted by Hayo 1st May, 2010

I hope it will be recorded properly this time. With an external mic for example, so you can hear what the dudes say.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st May, 2010

Well I might bring my HD video camera this time But not sure how we can get a mic sorted without disturbing the rest of the hotel where it's held.
Posted by SToP GAP 2nd May, 2010

One way or another we'll make sure there's equipment to record the sound and video to a good standard, and in HD if at all possible I need to confirm it but I spoke to someone at the hotel when I booked who seemed to think that there was built in audio pickup and speakers in the room... that would make it easier I certainly want to make sure everyone can hear properly - I remember straining to hear under the creaky rattling air con unit in the Watermill back in 2005!
Posted by Hayo 2nd May, 2010

For the coverage you wouldn't need any speakers of course. Just record it with a USB condensor mic and put the audio with the video.
Posted by Rob Rule 5th May, 2010

Guys, I'm going too. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Posted by Mark McCauley 9th May, 2010

or u could add caption subtitles which would benefit the deaf community too - what nice guys you are

Posted by Mark McCauley 9th May, 2010

while youre there everybody, have a lookout for a red faced woman- youll find lembi2001


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