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2BeeGames--I mean, IndiePub Competition
News posted 3rd May, 2010 by OMC  
2BeeGames, the indie game development contest site, has been relaunched as IndiePub. The third competition started May 1st and will run through July 31st. For those unfamiliar with the event, the site remains open for indie game submissions over the summer. The community and judges vote and eliminate games round by round until the top dog wins the grand prize of $100,000 and a publishing deal to bring their game to consoles. And hey, entrants do not have to be from the US!

The prizes are as follows:
Grand Prize winner - $100,000 cash prize and the option for a publishing deal with Zoo Games.
Community Favorite - $5,000 cash prize.
Public Recognition Winners - Technical Excellence, Art, Audio, Design, and Staff Pick. $1,000 each.

If you need incentive, know that last year's winner was made in Game Maker. Check out the details and find competition rules riiiight....Here.

Still waiting for the final Arcade Compo scores!

Posted by Marko 3rd May, 2010

Posted by Blue66 3rd May, 2010

"Entries must be suitable for all audiences"

Alright, GunGirl 2 is out. The game would be incomplete without blood and gore that fill the screen ^^
Posted by OMC 3rd May, 2010

Perhaps a side-project?
Posted by Jon C-B 3rd May, 2010

Awww that sucks, imagine gun girl as an actual Wii/Xbox/PS3 game, that would be awesome
Posted by Fanotherpg 3rd May, 2010

Blue, send it. I will try to place also one entry by myself but I have to read through the rules.
Posted by Silveraura 3rd May, 2010

Those Game Maker commie bastards.
Posted by Blackgaze 4th May, 2010

Did they say how big the game must be or any limit on file types.

I might have a go... but these comps never feel right when using a program like MMF/GM etc
Posted by OMC 4th May, 2010

"Games may run on PCs, MACs and/or web browsers. Games developed for PCs or MACs must have an automated install and uninstall routine if installation is necessary to play the Game. Games played via web browsers must run in the latest versions of both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and may use the latest versions of the Flash, Java, Director, Unity, and Virtools plug-ins, etc if desired."

Zip, EXE, flash, Java... all accepted. They had someone ask about XNA games in the forum and they were saying they'd try to accept anything.

I don't think there's a size limit. But people may not download it if it's too big.
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 4th May, 2010

Sounds pretty awesome. I could DEF use some extra cash atm the moment, even the $1000 Public Recognition awards would be awesome
Posted by alastair john jack 4th May, 2010

How come they have so much money to give away? They should share it with me.
Posted by Strife 4th May, 2010

Guys, am I reading this right? We can actually submit an unfinished game/demo, as long as it has at least one playable level?
Posted by Vertigo 4th May, 2010

Yay, I might enter Robot Gunner... I want it to be a Wiiware game Image

Edit: wow that is one poorly working website...
Comment edited by Vertigo on 5/4/2010
Posted by Dave C 4th May, 2010

it seems like it would be smarter to spend all your time really working hard on the game mechanics and polishing just 1 or 2 levels rather than using up your time making an entire game... because you only need to submit a beta of 1 level of the game..
Posted by Hayo 4th May, 2010

Was just thinking that. Also $100,000 is batshit crazy.
Posted by -MacAdaM- 4th May, 2010

This is almost too awesome to be true.
Posted by Blue66 4th May, 2010

Btw do the same rules as last year apply? When you submit a game, they automatically become the legal owner of it and they can modify and/or sell it without even noticing you?
Posted by OMC 4th May, 2010

I think they reworded that last year. It says they can distribute it without permission, but I don't think they legally own the idea itself, so it would be your game they're distributing.

I'm keeping an eye on that area, because I'm not submitting until it's clear.
Posted by Jenswa 4th May, 2010

Prizes are great, section 5 deals with ownership which is still yours but they can do pretty much with the entry. Because by entering you grant them a fully-paid, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to do that.

Ow btw, the url:
Posted by MGEnterprise 5th May, 2010

can you submit any kind of game?? would a GTA Game be suitable lol if it was made..
Posted by MGEnterprise 5th May, 2010

might have to enter my World Football Quiz. can i submit my World Football Quiz if its completed. Would it be allowed as long as its before the entry finished date..
Posted by OMC 5th May, 2010

Says you can't have any copyrighted material, so I'm not sure.
Posted by Mr_Tom 6th May, 2010

"Games cannot contain offensive material or any elements such as nudity, graphically violent imagery, sexually suggestive imagery, or material that is racially insensitive, profane, slanderous, disparaging to any person or third party, offensive to good taste, discriminatory on the basis of sexual orientation, religion or race, or which visually depicts alcohol, illegal drug use or gambling" - basically we're limited to making games like 'Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures". Just go to Zoo Publishing website (the comp sponsor) and look at the kind of games they publish....


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