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New Demo: Robot Gunner 2
News posted 11th May, 2010 by OMC  
Vertigo is looking for some feedback! His project Robot Gunner 2 has come along far enough to produce a working demo. Most of you surely know how great it is to get some opinions on your work, so get scootin' over there!

Comments from Vertigo: "[The demo] has five levels and even a boss! (The boss is after the first level) Please tell me what you think! You simply need to shoot all zombies before they hit you. You die instantly, Metal Slug style, so be carefull. If you find it to hard, try not picking up coins. You'll get a lower score but at least you'll survive.

Download the demo and keep tabs on the game at the Robot Gunner 2 Project Page.

Posted by Tingu 12th May, 2010

i am working in a Multi national firm.We want to get a flash game developed for Facebook.
Can anyone help me regarding the end-end process for this.

Posted by Vertigo 12th May, 2010

@ Tingu: Post this question in the right place: The forums (boards).
Posted by vertigoelectric 12th May, 2010

I hate it when people do that.
Posted by Gokotti 12th May, 2010

Gameplay looked slow. I got bored wathcing the video.
Posted by JPL 13th May, 2010

Well done! I find the gameplay idea refreshing, and the enemy pattern very funny. I missed some more pixel art though

I hope you keep the good work.
Posted by Vertigo 15th May, 2010

Thanks for your comments!

@gokotti: Try playing the demo, it is harder than you think. Also, picking up all the coins for a high score makes it much harder.

@JPL: More scenery is coming And I will keep up the good work I've added a second boss by the way


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