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New Download: Project Bowie (Engine Test)
News posted 17th May, 2010 by OMC  
Sometimes the best part about playing click games is helping the author to fine-tune their handiwork to make it even better! Jessejohhavoc is looking for some people to play his game Project Bowie and give feedback.

Comments from the author: "Bowie Barrington is an ugly cat up to no good. One evening he falls asleep along side his romance, Meowzer Zowazera, and enters an alternate world full of danger, excitement, puzzles and reward. You control Bowie (alongside his trusty spirit sidekick Pixet) on his search for a way out of his twisted and scary dream to once more be in the arms of his loving family in his safe home."

Click here to download Project Bowie

Unfortunately, I still do not have all of the arcade competition scores. Bug any non-Chris Street admin (who already sent his scores in)!

Posted by Blackgaze 17th May, 2010

Could it be possible to submit the rest of the games to the arcade yet?
Posted by OMC 17th May, 2010

I wish I could tell you man. I don't have arcade access and Club's busy. Seems like we're in a pretty bad bottleneck right now!
Posted by Blackgaze 17th May, 2010

I can wait as long as possible for the comp
But I wanted to show some folks the game online... and curious what scores people get.
I may not have been bothered if it wasn't such a big gap since the first lot of comp games uploaded
Posted by OMC 17th May, 2010

I don't have arcade access, sorry.


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