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News posted 17th May, 2010 by Assault Andy  
If you haven't heard about the SUPER GLORY TEAM 'competition', then you'll be happy to hear that we have four exciting projects underway. Last week, Clickers registered their interest and were matched up into teams of three or more. They now face the challenge of creating and submitting a game before Saturday, 29 May 2010. Failure to do so will result in their custom rating changing to "I create vaporware." until a game is completed.

Here's what the teams have come up with so far:

Team One, consisting of Matt Boothman, UrbanMonk and A. Lino, are working on a "platform/puzzler set inside an underwater nuclear power station". The graphics are sharp and I think the game's theme will definitely create some unique gameplay mechanics.

Stormwire, consisting of W3R3W00F, Sumo148 and Jon Lambert, are working on Cameo Combat, a Lacewing-powered online fighting game. The game will feature characters familiar to the klik-scene as well as a wide variety of game modes.

United (AndyUK, Jon C-B and lembi2001) are yet to update their project page, but I've been assured that they are making progress! Let's hope their project doesn't turn out to be vaporware! I think everyone should give them some words of encouragement on their project page.

Majestic Plural (wiiman, Solgryn, OMC and -MacAdaM-) are also working on a Lacewing-powered multiplayer game entitled Royal Rocket Ruckus. They have been making speedy progress and are sporting a very polished game indeed.

Check out these projects, and give them some positive feedback. If all goes well, we may see another team matchup in the not too distant future.

Original image by basehead.

Posted by Muz 17th May, 2010

Hah, I'm kinda glad we had this competition. Even if some of it turns out to be vaporware, just looking at the screenshots coming out of this is fun.
Posted by CYS 17th May, 2010

So the competition name is really SUPER GLORY TEAM? AWESOMMEEE
Posted by Jason Orme 17th May, 2010

great job!
Posted by Assault Andy 17th May, 2010

I never really settled on a name for it. I've used the terms 'Clicker Matchup' and 'Team Matchmaking', however, I think the 'SUPER GLORY TEAM Competition' is a good official name
Posted by OMC 17th May, 2010

Official name. Done and done.
Posted by Rob Rule 17th May, 2010

Andy, having seen all the various projects and these people working together, this was a seriously good idea. Nice one!
Posted by Pan-tosser 17th May, 2010

I second that, ideas like this one are really need around here.

but what is lace wing
Posted by Solgryn 17th May, 2010

Lacewing = online protocol/extension thingy for MMF You make online games with it
Posted by Sumo148 17th May, 2010

Lacewing= God, lol
Posted by s-m-r 17th May, 2010

I would love to see this kind of competition revisited. It would be great to participate on a team of dedicated game-makers, and finish a fun game to boot!

Hopefully my personal schedule works out next time, so I can participate fully as a team member for the next team competition.
Posted by Marko 17th May, 2010

I can't believe i forgot to check the forum about this compo, so gutted with myself for not entering!

Looks awesome, BTW!
Posted by Xhunterko 18th May, 2010

Gosh darn, I had no idea this was going on until just a couple days before I had my discussion. Well, that means the Daily Click Dare won't be held until the second week of june then.

Aside my moping, this is awesome!
Posted by Assault Andy 18th May, 2010

I'm glad people like the idea I hope the games turn out well!

Marko - I'll definitely do another matchup if there's enough interest!
Posted by Callebo 18th May, 2010

I would've loved to join, but I'm kinda busy making games in school!
If there's another matchup I'll join for sure.
Posted by Marko 18th May, 2010

@Assault Andy - cheers dude
Posted by RedEnchilada 19th May, 2010


You guys do all the fun stuff when I'm not here!
Posted by lembi2001 20th May, 2010

We now have a name - United.
Posted by W3R3W00F 21st May, 2010

Ugh, this compo is awesome, but I'd kill for an extra week.

Or two...
Posted by Assault Andy 21st May, 2010

Since all the teams are actually making good progress, I'd be willing to consider adding another week onto the competition. But only if the teams had some specific reasoning and were able to show evidence that they've been working really hard on their game. The time restriction was put in place so that vaporware wouldn't be made, so I'm hesitant to give you too long to make a game.

At this stage I'd rather you submit a demo after the deadline, rather than nothing. You can always submit version 1.0 and then spend some time updating the game to make it even better.

Just make a game dammit!
Posted by UrbanMonk 21st May, 2010

Were working away in due diligence.

The problem is that all of my team members are in school, including me.

The game is turning out nice though.
Posted by lembi2001 21st May, 2010

Assault Andy - please update the news post with our taem name. We don't like being nameless!!!
Posted by Assault Andy 22nd May, 2010

lembi2001 - Sorry but I can't seem to update the news. It's playing up at the moment. I did however already update the forum post. I'll see if I can work it out.
Posted by OMC 22nd May, 2010

Fixed! Though the info about no update isn't.
Posted by Blue66 22nd May, 2010

I can't look at this ugly unicorn any longer! Please remove it and post more news or something! .... so ugly
Posted by Marko 23rd May, 2010



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