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New Download: "Tank Game" v0.40
News posted 22nd May, 2010 by OMC  
Got a buddy but nothing to do? HitmanN has released the first build of his still tentatively-named Tank Game. It's obvious that a fair amount of work has been put into this polished turn-based strategy game.

Comments from the Author: "'Tank Game' is (currently) a 2-player turn-based action-strategy game, where each player builds vehicles, collects gold and captures objectives, in order to win the other in one of the game modes. The game is currently only playable offline, with two human players. Online multiplayer will be looked into in further releases!"

I'm sending you over there to have fun with the game, but I'm sure HitmanN wouldn't mind some feedback while you're at it!

Click here to download "Tank Game" v0.40

Posted by Marko 22nd May, 2010

Awesome - i've beta tested this and it's genius!
Posted by alessandroLino 23rd May, 2010

Posted by LB 23rd May, 2010

Wow, this came out yusterday? Oh, wait. I always forget this server's midnight is my midday. >_<



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