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War Gears Crossing the Redzone
News posted 29th May, 2010 by Rikus  
Indie game designer Fihril is working on a great new action shooter were you have to shoot everything to bits that comes your way. The game is still in beta but is already very playable and even involves some tactics if you want to progress. The graphics are pretty cool and you got to love those explosions.

If you kill enemies they will leave behind a power up for you, so be sure to grab those. And the icing of this explosive cake is that War-Gears also has a Chain Explosion System for some great combos. If you like big robots getting at it with eachother, then may I suggest War Gears Crossing the Redzone? You can find the beta

Right here!

Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2010

Oh btw, im back
Posted by Flava 29th May, 2010

Welcome back
Posted by Marko 29th May, 2010

yes welcome back, and you bring with you some great news - the shooting in War Gears looks fun indeed, as do the explosions (always a fav of mine)!
Posted by TheBobbinator 29th May, 2010

this game looks really good, dont get me wrong, but i think this website should be for click team realted stuff only.
Posted by Rikus 29th May, 2010

You will be sorry to hear then bob that there are some changes comin to the site soon. The admins and coding folks are doing round the clock work in the background for some exciting new stuff!
Posted by Ski 30th May, 2010

You mention Fihril as if he's a site member yet I couldn't find him? Perhaps he's under a different username? Otherwise I have no idea who he is.

Should perhaps be referred as "Indie game designer "Fihril"...", if he's from another community or not as well known on this site?
Comment edited by -Adam- on 5/30/2010
Posted by OMC 30th May, 2010

I agree with Adam.
Posted by Rikus 30th May, 2010

Good point!
Posted by Marko 30th May, 2010

Changes..... sounds exciting!!
Posted by Muz 30th May, 2010

Looks nice, but sounds like any other typical shooter.
Posted by Marko 30th May, 2010

I got round to playing it and was left slightly disappointed... however the engine is soo good i think a great game could easily come out of it with a different creative direction
Posted by Muhammad Fihril Kamal 30th May, 2010

Thank you so much for posting my game Rikus. I feel really honored.
May be this game is still boring because only have few features, but keep waiting for updates. And please give critics and suggestions.
Posted by OMC 30th May, 2010

Hi Fihril! Welcome to TDC!
Posted by Muhammad Fihril Kamal 30th May, 2010

Hi, Thank you for the warm welcome.
Posted by Ecstazy 30th May, 2010

I agree with Muz, it looks pretty and all that but it looks rather dull.
Posted by Marko 30th May, 2010

Welcome Fihril, i just messaged you some suggestions and critic
Posted by W3R3W00F 30th May, 2010

Hey, Fihril, welcome to The Daily Click! And of course, welcome BACK, Rikus!

I'll get around to playing this and I'll see if I can give critisism and suggestions.
Posted by Silveraura 31st May, 2010

If you're looking for some criticism, I'd have to say that the gameplay looks very repetitive. It appears as though all you're doing the entire time is just baiting the enemies to come toward you and then you rapidly back up and shoot them until they blow up.

Don't take this the wrong way though, the graphics look great, I'm looking forward to see how this will turn out. Hopefully my criticism will be taken advantage of to help the end product.
Posted by Muhammad Fihril Kamal 31st May, 2010

Thank you everybody for the critisims. It seems I need to work more and more on the enemy's AI it's the hardest part. And... repetitive "bait and blow" battle system, I think it's because the bad AI,
and I don't know that people prefer to play the game that way until I watch the video. I usually play it by moving toward a large group of enemies and then shoot the weakest one, and BOMB!!... 16 Chains combo.
Uh oh.. and don't forget to press F1 in game if you need help.
Posted by Rikus 31st May, 2010

Im glad to see everyone giving Fihril some great constructive comments. Makes me glad to be part of this community. Nice one guys!


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