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Gaiadi by Xerus
News posted 30th May, 2010 by Rikus  
Getting first place in the "Ludum dare" compo - Xerus created a very great RTS/Shooter game. In the game you must build a island to make a supplier so that it can make ammo for you. Once you have completed that you can start defending your islands either with gun-turrets or your own ship.

The game does not have any sound, or music but that should not keep you away from a great game.

Lets hope Xerus will continue to make this game into a full game. You can download the current version here!

Posted by OMC 30th May, 2010

Cool idea. I played it for a bit and it seems like a bunch of interesting things could come from it. Makes the idea of having a TDC ludum dare-type thing seem all the more appealing.

It's like the good ol' days--Rikus posting news!
Posted by kksonwhowho 31st May, 2010

Whats the name of the song in the video?
Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2010

Its just one of the songs my brother made for the quick video only since the game does not have any sound.. yet


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