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New Game: Violet
News posted 1st June, 2010 by The Chris Street  
Another new, retro game has been uploaded by Sephirenn. It's called Violet. This is one of those nice Flash games that seem to be cropping up everywhere ;) Well, nothing else to say, but "nice work" :)

Comments from the Author: You are stuck in Violet, and all you see is a bottomless cliff. How can you get out? Everywhere you turn there are mysterious symbols, pathways, and always Violet. Explore everything and ultimately escape from this high-score platformer!

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Posted by Sumo148 1st June, 2010

short, but fun
Posted by Marko 1st June, 2010

Aww i just didn't want it to end! The music reminded me of PS1-era games, bringing back happy nostalgic memories of exploring corridors and warehouses in 3rd person shooters. The repetative violet platforms forming the maze in Violet also brought these memories back and as such i thought this game was magical!

Posted by Ski 1st June, 2010

Graphically it's Starguard in but purple.
Posted by Sephirenn 2nd June, 2010

After 8 years (maybe more if you include lurking), I finally made the front page! This makes my day!

And yes Adam, it is heavily influenced from Star Guard. When that game came out and I realized that my minimal graphics capabilities could be manipulated to actually not seem like they are so bad, I jumped on the train!
Posted by Marko 2nd June, 2010

...Don't blame ya, neither - it looks great, i think!
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