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Quick indie game video: SUPA BLAST O NAUT
News posted 5th June, 2010 by Rikus  
Supa blast o naut by Indie Game developer willy626 is a fun action/puzzle game that makes you want to keep coming back from more! As in any game of this type it is highly recommended to read the first introduction screen, since this explains the basic rules and what you have to do.

I of course completly ignored this and died 5 times in a row before I decided to check how the game actually works. Once you get the hang of it the game springs to life.

In the game you must put mines on the astroids to create a sequence of destruction. If you do it correctly it will allow you to continue on. Start your explosive download right here!

Posted by joolsvurn 5th June, 2010

pretty fun
Posted by UrbanMonk 6th June, 2010

looks frustrating from the video


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