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Quick indie game Video: Splynch [beta release]
News posted 6th June, 2010 by Rikus  
Mr. Ksoft is working on a new platform game and he released a small beta version of the game. Splynch is a platformer with some great 2d sprites and very tight controls, with it comes a very nift power up system and a cool boss fight. Check it out and be sure to give Ksoft some contructive feedback since this is only the beta release. Start your journey with Splynch!

Posted by Silveraura 6th June, 2010

I love the sound effects.
Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2010

Oh yea! something i forgot to mention, thanks Silverfire! The sound effects and music are rockin!
Posted by Shiru 6th June, 2010

Yeah like SiLVERFIRE, I love the sound effects... You can feel old school in. Need to play .
Posted by Hayo 6th June, 2010

This would have looked much nicer without those light effects.
Posted by Jason Orme 6th June, 2010

Looks really fun.
Posted by Pan-tosser 6th June, 2010

I like the camera movement.
Posted by Poobical 6th June, 2010

Yeah I agree with the sound effects too border=0 alt="">. I rather like the simple graphics too cause it gives a great feel or Retro. I love Retro stuff <3
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Posted by Rikus 6th June, 2010

Here is some feedback. On the screen after you complete a level, there seems to be no way to skip the collect your points frame. In its current form it takes to long before you can continue on since it is taking its time collecting your points. Other then that, I am still enjoying this game, cant wait to play some new levels!
Posted by Mr. Ksoft 6th June, 2010

It's quite awesome to see this on TDC. Thanks!

A lot of work is going into the missing "0-2" level, which will be included in a finalized demo that has a lot more features compared to this beta. I'm also well aware of the points screen thing, and am working to address it effectively (strangely, it's harder than one may think to do so)
Posted by Mark McCauley 6th June, 2010

looks sprylliant
Posted by Ski 7th June, 2010

looks incredibly indie


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