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News posted 7th June, 2010 by Assault Andy  
There's only 14 hours left in the Super Glory Competition!

For the teams themselves, submit a download to TDC and message me with a link before the deadline.

For all our visitors, post some encouraging comments here for our team members! Time to crack the whip!

Soon one team will be announced the Super Glory Team of Awesomess!

Posted by Muz 7th June, 2010

Encouraging whip cracking

BTW, some of you guys have some great stuff in the private forums.. keep it up
Posted by Solgryn 7th June, 2010

Stupid exams :C
Posted by Assault Andy 7th June, 2010

Solgryn you're alive?! OMC would like an email from you if you get a chance
Posted by OMC 7th June, 2010

Haha, we skyped a bit. We're going to put out a playable game with the basics.

Still very fun!
Posted by Assault Andy 7th June, 2010

Looking forward to it
Posted by Sumo148 8th June, 2010

ha, oh god.


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