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GunGirl 2 Soundtrack Available!
News posted 8th June, 2010 by Rikus  
It is Gungirl 2 day here at TDC and while you are playing the game, would it not be great to listen to the complete Gungirl 2 soundtrack created by Josh Whelchel for free? Well now you can! The soundtrack has 30 great tracks, very well worth a listen! It features Rich Brilli's guitar, Rachel Denlinger's violin, Stephanie Elizabeth Schönhofer's voice, along with special guests Melinda Hershey and Tara Morrow!

Be sure to stick around to the end of the quick video for a short preview of one of the tracks! The music is waiting for you!

Posted by Blue66 8th June, 2010

Haha, this is awesome! Thanks so much, Rikus for all the support! You're really a great guy

Hope you guys have the same fun playing the game as I had while making it! And yes, the soundtrack deserves a clear mention - it's pure gold
Posted by Zoglu 8th June, 2010

Great soundtrack, I bought it ! My favorite track is "Anomaly"
Posted by Pan-tosser 8th June, 2010

gun girl is great. I think sites like the daily click have a duty to support them.

I wish their was a ad banner I could download. So I could help support it too.
Posted by Zoglu 8th June, 2010

Well if you want to support the game you can make a donation to the author on his website, or buy the soundtrack.
Posted by Deaval 8th June, 2010

Really great! Especially for a Clickgame!
Posted by Windybeard Games 9th June, 2010

Fantastic game. cant wait to play further!


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