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New Super Donations!
News posted 12th June, 2010 by Rikus  
Let's break things up a bit with some cool donations news. Thanks to everyone who is willing to support the site, we have some great things planned to the site so stay tuned! For now lets put our hands together for, Nastyman, Zephni and PanTosser! Thanks guys for allowing us to keep the TDC train going!

Btw if you feel the super sudden urge to donate you can of course do so

Right here!

UPDATE 1 We just received another super donation from Mike "Bibin" Moffitt! Creator of such fine games as hatman! My hat goes off to you also sir! Thank you!

UPDATE 2 And another donation from Xhunterko, thank you ever so much!

UPDATE 3 And yes it has been confirmed our very own admin OMC also donated a super amount for our site. Lets give him a big hug!

Posted by Ricky 12th June, 2010

thanks guys I love that picture
Posted by Assault Andy 12th June, 2010

Thank you for the donations guys!
Posted by Cecilectomy 12th June, 2010

tdc needs almost 900$ just to get to next month (july). I really hope these donations cover that. How else will you pay for it? out of your own pockets?

It might be cheaper to just get a good cable line and build your own dedicated server.
Posted by The Chris Street 12th June, 2010

You really don't want to know what it costs to keep the site going... but here's a clue... a hell of a lot. And yes it's out of our own pockets.. well.. one admin in particular pays dearly for this.
Posted by Strife 12th June, 2010

I'm actually going through an apprenticeship of sorts where I'm learning how to build dedicated servers, so if that's what will make TDC cheaper to maintain, then hopefully I can learn enough about it in the future to contribute something - even if it's just advice.
Posted by TheBobbinator 12th June, 2010

why does it cost soo much?
Posted by markno2 12th June, 2010

Thx gise.
Posted by OMC 12th June, 2010

I donated some time ago but never got confirmation that it went to TDC's coffers...
Posted by Muz 12th June, 2010

Thanks a lot, guys
Posted by OMC 12th June, 2010

And thanks guys.
Posted by nim 12th June, 2010

That's insane. This site isn't worth $900 for 1 month. That's like $50 per active member. Why does it cost so much, and how do more popular sites (TIGS) survive?
Posted by Rikus 12th June, 2010

I dont know if the donation page takes the google ads into account. However the last donation we received was from December 2009, almost 6 months ago, so maybe thats why it is so high. Oh and Omc, contact club to make sure the donation came in.
Comment edited by Rikus on 6/12/2010
Posted by James Luke 12th June, 2010

i think that ur going the rong way about this website. from what i see youre bloating it bigger and bigger insted of streemlining it and making it more agile. look at the ati series vs nvidia! how much space does this site take up? i know you can have unlimited bandwidth for about 3 a month if you can fit in a 5 gb infomaton limit which you can do if you host games videos and pictures on other sites like most people do. i dont no why you have such high bandwidth requirements why is it are there 100000000s of visiters a month?????
Posted by Strife 12th June, 2010

I find it mildly amusing how much this news post screams "DONATE PLZ!!!!" But it's awesome that the members around here are so generous and willing to pitch in.

Thanks guys, for adding more fuel to TDC's oxygen tank!
Posted by Rikus 12th June, 2010

Sorry James, but things get complicated once your website takes up certain resources and has a certain amound of visitors. Hence we all found out the hard way when the site would be down every other day years ago. There is no such things as unlimited bandwidth. Tdc runs from a dedicated server, and while we are in the process of moving over to php to lessen the demand on the server, to keep the site running smootly without any timeout errors we need to stay on this dedicated server, thats just something we need to deal with.
Comment edited by Rikus on 6/12/2010
Posted by Ricky 12th June, 2010

LOL I remember the old servers. SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
Posted by Matthew Wiese 12th June, 2010

Thanks for keeping TDC running! I'd donate but I'm a bit too young.
Posted by UrbanMonk 12th June, 2010

What hosting company are you using?
Posted by OMC 12th June, 2010

I did contact Club.
Posted by Rikus 12th June, 2010

Its there Omc, its there, thank you!
Posted by OMC 12th June, 2010

It wasn't a big deal.

Posted by Xhunterko 12th June, 2010

My new favourite mis-spelling.
Thanks to the other people that donated!

Have you guys ever looked at 1 on 1 for web hosting? That's what my dad uses.
Posted by Strife 13th June, 2010

Ironically, I got the Service Unavailable message a few hours ago.
Posted by Mark McCauley 13th June, 2010

A small thing to consider-
Ive donated a few times but kinda stopped when
I dont know whether youve recieved it as no mention
of confirmation was posted in return.

Posted by Ricky 13th June, 2010

the missing money from your bank account might be a confirmation
Posted by Marko 13th June, 2010

Thanks guys
Posted by MasterM 13th June, 2010

rock on guys
all of you
Posted by Rikus 13th June, 2010

Hi Mark you can always send a quick msg to clubsoft after donating to make sure he got it.
Posted by Klikmaster 13th June, 2010

Rikus can you change brake to break please (second word of post)

(Yes I am a spelling/grammar nazi)
Posted by nick_peoples 13th June, 2010

ya same im too young and broke to donate
Posted by Johnny Look 14th June, 2010

900$ per month ? Holy crap, that's almost twice my rent !
Posted by W3R3W00F 14th June, 2010

Johnny said everything I wanted to say. I can't believe it's really that much, that's just appalling.

So humongous thanks to all donaters!!


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