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News: Security for poll
News posted 7th June, 2002 by Rikus  
Oh did we tell you all that the poll now has a logging system? So if you cheat we just turn the numbers poll back to 1 and as a nice bonus we also will turn your member rating down by 1. One person even cheated more then 30 times in a couple of days...anyway all is forgiven but people people save me the trouble by changing the poll every day and just vote once. I will keep checking the poll loggs every day. Also if i can't find the member name that goes with an ip address and they still vote double i still will delete that vote.
Ps. I cleared the poll so please vote only once. Thank you.

Posted by Craig 7th June, 2002

How can you see the results without voting then? because voting again is the only way isnt it?
Posted by Rikus 7th June, 2002

don't logout:) Or if you voted just wait until we display the results.
Posted by C-Media 8th June, 2002

this is quite a good idea
Posted by jast 8th June, 2002

Hmmm... "I cleared the poll so please vote only once." Does that mean that I may vote again because the poll was cleared or does that mean that you cleared the poll some time ago and don't want to do it again (so everybody shouldn't vote more often than once)?
Posted by jast 8th June, 2002

Oh yeah - you said you trace the user using his / her ip. I'm sure that there are some users using my ip because I go online using a router. Don't you think it's useless to trace the IPs because there are probably really different users that just use the same IP? Also, some providers assign a new IP to your computer everytime you connect to the Inet... But to be honest, I never really informed myself about communication technology, so if you can somehow see if there are different users, it's all right.
Posted by QuADiE 8th June, 2002

I have a router so me and my friend can use the net at the same time. So we have same IP, so it's not easy to know if he allready have voted :/
Posted by Zyko 8th June, 2002

That's true QuADiE. but i have voted....
Posted by Bart 8th June, 2002

My rating was set back to Newbie for no real reason :p
Posted by Joshtek 8th June, 2002

You need a 'No Vote' option for if youve alreayd voted..thatd be good :D
Posted by Bart 8th June, 2002

Sigh..its still damn easy to cheat on the poll
Posted by Bart 9th June, 2002

*Votes insanely for Project 053 making sure it doesnt win
Posted by jast 9th June, 2002

Josh's right... some kind of "view results" button would be nice.
Posted by Rikus 9th June, 2002

I'll ask club for that


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