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MMF VS MMF? Is it time to start promoting?
News posted 1st July, 2010 by Rikus  
Hey folks, first I am sorry for the lack of news updates this past week. Both me and clubbie are on holidays and I believe some of the admins finished exams. Things should pick up again next week! (yay) However there is a interesting topic in the forums that might need you attention.

The discussion is about if it is not time for mmf 2 to be promoted better. Some users have been getting upset that the japense version of the clickteam site and its packaging is 100% different then what the US/Europe branch is doing with the same software.

The Japanse version is focusing more on the core gamers while the US folks are more targeting the school and multimedia users out there. Join the discussion and let us know if you think it is time for a change.. or do you feel mmf is doing just fine? Click here to check the forum post!

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