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New Quick Video: IJI by Daniel
News posted 5th July, 2010 by Rikus  
I found another great Indie game that I also missed when a new version for it was released earlier this year. The game is called IJI by Daniel.

The game is a action/adventure game with plenty of shooting but also some puzzle solving thrown into the mix. The graphical style is excellent and I love how this game keeps throwing new stuff at you so you keep wanting to continue on. Highly Recommended! You can download the game right here: right here!

Also worth noting is that our very own David Newton released his classic Treasure Tower as a flash game. You can check it out on the new download page right here!

Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2010

I just played it some more, awesome game! Gotta love that rocket launcher the enemies are using, as you can see in the video it got me good
Posted by FlyingPigBoy 5th July, 2010

This game is one of my favorite indies ever, no joke.

Posted by Hempuli 5th July, 2010

Psst, Rikus - it's IJI, not LJI!
Posted by Cecilectomy 5th July, 2010

it also wasnt released this year. nor last. it was released in 2008. pfff.

also, you can duck -_- not sure why you just stood there taking damage.
Comment edited by Robot Cecil on 7/5/2010
Posted by MEHRDAD 5th July, 2010

This game make with game maker.ofcourse we can make better than it with MMF
Posted by Rikus 5th July, 2010

Wow cecil I am sorry to have offended you with the news post, A new version was made just a little while ago in March. And I know you can duck. However, I changed the description and the typo, thanks Hempuli!
Comment edited by Rikus on 7/5/2010
Posted by OMC 5th July, 2010

I still haven't played this yet.

My list of games to play is getting too long...
Posted by TheoX 5th July, 2010

Hero Core (made by the same guy) is better. Has there been a post about that yet?
Posted by OMC 5th July, 2010

I think I did manage to play that. Little black and white jetpack shooter? It was cool.
Posted by Hayo 6th July, 2010

I will never get used to this.
Posted by Rikus 6th July, 2010

Hero Core? Might have to try that out.
Posted by Watermelon876 6th July, 2010

I love Hero Core. I had no idea that there was a new version of IJI! I love all of remar's games, (Well most of them) they're awesome even though they're made in GameMaker.
Posted by TheoX 7th July, 2010

It just shows that Game Maker is a bit more powerful than some of us would like to think. I'm not crazy about Iji, but I loved Hero Core. When I found out it was made in Game Maker I was like "whoaaaaaaaaaaa".


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