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New Fusion Roundtable Podcast!
News posted 5th July, 2010 by Rikus  
Take a break from your game creation fun, and join Stephen, Jamie, DavidN, Matt, and not Andos for another sophisticated Fusion Roundtable Podcast! Heck someone from our site might even crash the party for some beer!

Intro from the website: The Fusion Roundtable is the finest podcast available concerning Multimedia Fusion 2 and its community. With impeccably high standards of reporting and discussion, we are determined to bring you exclusive information. We'll probably fail both the standards and the exclusive thing though. Oh well, please listen anyway!There's some 'friendly' banter, DavidN talks about Treasure Tower being Flash'd and Matt messes up his introduction. What a shock! Click here to listen to the latest episode!

If anyone cares Myself and tdc member Deaval tried to record a new klik podcast 2 weeks ago but because of some issues we are unable to scare you with that... for now.

Posted by weka 6th July, 2010

I want DavidN to talk about Crystal Towers 2. That is all.
Posted by DizzyDoo 6th July, 2010

Listen to episode 2.


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