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New Download: Geo-Swarm
News posted 6th July, 2010 by OMC  
Today TheTuna submitted a fun little game to the TDC archives. Who doesn't love a bout of neon ship-shape-shooting goodness? Up for play today is Geo-Swarm, quite in the vein of Geometry Wars and many other shooters with face-melting shininess of graphics. The catch here is that you never stop shooting. Rotate your ship and run about (with the mouse--nice controls!) shooting enemies until you explode into a spray of pixels.

Geo-Swarm has nice visuals, well-done voice clips, and some colorful effects. I'd recommend you give it a go! (Seems this would be perfect for the arcade. Hint hint, Tunaman!)

Click here to download Geo-Swarm

Posted by Rikus 7th July, 2010

Also added a quick video for this super fun game, if you like geometry wars, get this!
Posted by TheTuna 8th July, 2010

I've updated Geo-Swarm by adding indicators for Smart Bombs and the Time Wave Cannon.

Knowing you have smart bombs available is pretty helpful!


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