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New Quick video: Illuminator by Fifth
News posted 13th July, 2010 by Rikus  
Even as I am typing up this description, I want to go back and play some more Illuminator by Fifth.

This is a remake of the Action 52 game of the same name, made as a part of Podunkian's "Action 52 Owns" project on the tigsource forums.

In the game gouls have invaded your house and you can kill them by overcharging your flashlight, the trick is while your flashlight is charging it has to be turned off and that means the gouls can get to you very easily!!

Click here to have a great spooky time!

Posted by CYS 14th July, 2010

Woah the lighting, while not perfect, is amazing. How did you do that!?
Posted by Fifth 14th July, 2010

I'm not too familiar with the kind of techniques used to do this sort of thing, but I used what I guess is a sort of raycasting. Each light source radiates out objects, which either add their (decaying) light value to a position in an array (which represents the visible screen), or else are destroyed when they hit a wall. The array is then used by a Text Blitter object, which uses callback to determine the transparency of each of its characters.

I guess it's pretty simple stuff, in theory.

Oh, and many thanks for the frontpage, Rikus!
Posted by Yai7 14th July, 2010

Illuminator is actually a game from Action52!!!
Do you know about the horrible Action52?
Posted by Fifth 15th July, 2010

Of course, but that's the fun of the project.
Take an awful game, salvage the interesting concepts, and turn it into something worthwhile in the end.


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