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New Download: EverEternal WinterWorld 2
News posted 20th July, 2010 by OMC  
Step aside with me, if you will, and duck into the TDC Time Machine. The year we'll be traveling to is positively eons ago. 2007: The year of Bob Barker's last The Price is Right episode.

EverEternal WinterWorld 2, by several fellows named Benjamin Follington, Ricky James, and Jake Greer, is a game that was once intended to be submitted for the TDC Christmas compo of '07. After a long hiatus and some slow progress towards completitude, the fine fellows of aforementionment have decided to release it as almost-finished-but-not-quite-ware.

This QuaintLike ShootingPlatformer stars, er... you. (Haven't quite figured out the chap's name yet) You're about to build a Winter Machine, perhaps to unfold a dastardly plot, when a dastardly pot comes to foil your plans. Yes, your enemy is former "bestest buddy", Companion Pot.

Need I say more?

Click here to download EverEternal WinterWorld 2

Posted by Jake G 21st July, 2010

Thanks OldManClayton =]
Posted by OMC 21st July, 2010

No problem!
Posted by ReverendTed 28th July, 2010

Oh, oh man.

I love secret santas!!!
Posted by Jake G 28th July, 2010

Heeeeeey you are the first person to discover it =]
Posted by ReverendTed 29th July, 2010

Or, the first person to discover it and post here about it, anyway.

By the by, great game. Quite an enjoyable and humorous romp, even if it is "almost but not quite finished".
Posted by BuenoCabra 29th July, 2010


Nuts, missed it by a day!


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