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New Quick Video: The Block Fairy
News posted 24th July, 2010 by Rikus  
Ever wondered how ?-Blocks gets placed around the Mario world? After playing this game you will find out!

In the block fairy you need to shoot blocks in their proper spot, and this is actually super fun to do, if you miss then you loose a block from your stack, if you shoot it correctly you move on to the next play field.

The levels are fast paced and well designed. The game has great graphics, music and sound effects and the game makes you go "Just one more Round"

Click here to become the Block Fairy!!

Posted by Rikus 24th July, 2010

This game did not get that many comments when released on the site, hopefully this news post will change that because the game is actually lots of fun!
Posted by Rikus 24th July, 2010

Oh and now that I am finishing up Klikcast Episode 18, I should have more time to do more quick videos, Hurray!
Posted by Watermelon876 25th July, 2010

I saw this game about 5 months ago on
Posted by Rikus 25th July, 2010

Ok, well I guess thats cool for you then eh?
Posted by Lobot 9th August, 2010

I like it, slick look and physics, worth a go for fun


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