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Click Convention 2010 Short report from Fanotherpg
News posted 31st July, 2010 by Assault Andy  
I was at place before 9 o'clock and there was already quite big group of people (with almost whole CT staff, where rest was coming all the time). Not to much to talk about except the fact that it's really awesome to meet those nice and lovely people in person, so come on and join us next year!

2) Welcome & Introduction (10:30 - 10:35) I won't lie I had feeling (and experience) that something will go wrong so I bring my own hardware (laptop, camera, external hard drive) to support the event by additional camcoding (the same was done by Circy) but at the end I finished hosting the streaming and this is why we had a slight delay with this one - until last moment Jamie wanted to host the streaming and record it from one place so my stuff was somehow not welcome. But at the end everything was positive - and that's why I love to meet other in person!

3) Clickteam Welcome & News (10:35 - 11:05) So yeah... CT presentation was quite impressive. We get know about MMF iPhone runtime (it has got accelerometer, gps, multi touch, mouse works as single touch) how to compile it, we noticed android runtime box but it's not working. Also we had one game workable on iDevice which was quite cool. Also we get know about some planned things about new Install Creator (should be released later this year), MMF3 and some other less important stuff (you will get details from video footage)... Click here to read the full mini report!!

Posted by Fanotherpg 31st July, 2010

I will make a short feedback with my thoughts from the convention in about one and half hour time letting you know about all the new stuff, surprises and just everything. So be patient and stay tuned.
Posted by OMC 31st July, 2010

Since the streaming had issues, will there be recorded video to watch later that's better quality?
Posted by Xhunterko 1st August, 2010

I second OMC's motion.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2010

A few people recorded it, myself included. Going to edit tomorrow. Just got home and pooped so bed time! And yes it's in HD
Posted by OMC 1st August, 2010

The poo...?

Or the video?
Posted by Ski 1st August, 2010

Thank God Smellovision isn't out D:
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st August, 2010

Still some feedback:
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010

Man, cant wait to be at one of these conventions and do a klikcast on the spot, I would go insane with all the people around me, and suck all the information out of each and everyone

Nice write up, cant wait for more videos!
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010

I changed the news post to add the video fanotherpg posted along with the beginning of his report, hopefully more stuff will trickle in later.
Posted by Strife 1st August, 2010

The iPhone runtime sounds mighty interesting. I'm rather anxious to hear how much it'd cost and what the requirements would be.
Posted by Assault Andy 1st August, 2010

and the release date!!!!!!!
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st August, 2010

No info about cost. Beta later in this year. Requirement - iPhone and Mac.
Posted by Strife 1st August, 2010

Ah, so you need a Macintosh computer in order to convert games to the iPhone?
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2010

Beta testing on the iPhone runtime begins later this month. A public beta later on in the year as Fano said.
Posted by MJK 1st August, 2010

Great report, Fano. Amazing news from CT! Can't wait for the iphone, html5, python, 3d, etc...
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 1st August, 2010

Yay thanks in advance for some decent footage, the streaming was absolutely dire!
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2010

As a trial, I'm working on the footage for my presentation first. But since my camera was at the back of the room I'm subtitling it as best I can.

If it doesn't take too long to do I can do the rest of the videos but will take time.
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010

Cool Chris! Btw how was it like meeting everyone in person again? Anyone there you never met before?
Posted by Fanotherpg 1st August, 2010

Me And hagar this decent footage was made with the SAME CAM the streaming went. But because of poor internet connection it was like it was.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2010

Lets see...

I met, for the first time:
Rob Rule
Jon Pittock (skn3) (who lives a mile away from me!)
A Turkish couple (quite nice, but only spoke briefly)
Jimbob (hilarious guy!)

I met, NOT for the first time, and who recognised me:
Jeff Vance
Jason Darby
Simon Pittock
Jamie (though didn't really talk to him)
Chris Branch (again didn't really talk to him)
Chris Carson (Kisguri)

Probably more

So quite a few people
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010

Lucky you, Im jealous
Posted by ..::hagar::.. 1st August, 2010

Awesome - I kinda guessed it was the connection and or the streaming service.

Looking forward to watching it. Cheers!
Posted by Ski 1st August, 2010

Pfft. Ive met Johan Hargne 8-|
Posted by Rhodesy 1st August, 2010

Great day, nice meeting all you guys who I met.... see you next year maybe , but I expect I'll bump into Circy before then.
Comment edited by Rhodesy on 8/1/2010
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2010

Circy Spotting should be a pleasurable experience I'll have to do some Rhodesy Spotting myself lol
Posted by Rikus 1st August, 2010

Oh my!
Posted by Dave C 2nd August, 2010

"Secondly I would like to apologize for some not so nice moment which where mostly caused by me, so sorry Chaos, Francois, Jamie"

tell us what happened, i want the gossip.
Posted by danjo 2nd August, 2010

rhodsey stalks circy


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