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indiePub Competition Closed
News posted 6th August, 2010 by OMC  
It's that time of random interval again! Though the deadline for the indiePub Games competition has passed, the playing, voting, rating, commenting, and winning has yet to be done!

This year, indiePub's grand prize is $100,000 and a publishing deal to get the winning game on consoles. There are also smaller prizes, like Community Favorite, which is determined by popular vote.

The entry period has passed and now it's down to the judging and voting! There are lots of entries by lots of budding indies, so go check out the games!

As of yet, I only know of four entries from TDC members in the competition. If you have entered the competition, contact me and I will add yours to the list.

Tiipotopia by UrbanMonk
Top Dog by Manic Robot
Splotches by... uh... OMC
Assalor by Vertigo
Spellinx by 3kliksphilip and Mr_Tom

Give a shout out in the comments if you find any particularly fun ones!

Posted by Del Duio 6th August, 2010

You deserve to win, OMC.

Also, this has no bearing on sharing that $100K with anybody named Del Duio.
Posted by OMC 6th August, 2010

Hehe, I appreciate the sentiment Del Duio.
Posted by Marko 6th August, 2010

Good luck to everyone, hope one of you wins!
Posted by Deaval 7th August, 2010

I do enjoy hanging out at Blueville. Needless to say, just voted for UrbanMonk's Tiipotopia. Image
Comment edited by Deaval on 8/7/2010
Posted by Matthew Wiese 7th August, 2010

I voted for Splotches and Tiipotopia.
Posted by OMC 7th August, 2010


I do hope UrbanMonk finds the resources he needs to finish that game. If he fleshed it out, it would be very cool to have a big user-created online game like that!
Posted by Ski 7th August, 2010

Voting for Aces Wild
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th August, 2010

I wanted to add a daily click area to the game too, and I wanted to keep the game a secret until release. oh well

OMC conviced me to enter. Btw, some of the graphics in the blueville area were created by OMC, so props to him.
Posted by W3R3W00F 7th August, 2010

Splotches FTW!
Posted by Simon Czentnár 7th August, 2010

Good luck!
Posted by Rikus 11th August, 2010

Awww the same newspost is here as I left on friday, is everyone drinkin? I'll be back in front of my comp tomorrow. * Vacation
Posted by OMC 11th August, 2010

The same one, unfortubrettly.

There will probably be fewer news posts from me for a little while. College starts soon and I have no clue how terrible my schedule will be.


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