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New Article: Selling a Flash Game
News posted 11th September, 2010 by OMC  
A slow submission period coupled with the start of a new school year sure does snailify the front page! Here to break up the monotony again (for a little while, at least) is DavidN (Double news post all the way! What does it mean?) with an article on how to sell a flash game. He walks through his experience with getting a sponsor for his game CannonBob. This goes a step beyond slapping mochiads in your game!

"With a sponsor in the picture, things are a little more involved. The sponsor [...] is interested in getting as many views as possible for games with their branding on them, so that they can get the advertising revenue. "

From coding to bidding to ad integration to deployment, we get an idea of how exactly to make the medium bucks in flash game licensing. Good read!

Click here to read Selling a Flash Game

Posted by Assault Andy 12th September, 2010

Nice article.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 14th September, 2010

Awesome info!


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