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New Facebook Game - The Killing Cove
News posted 16th September, 2010 by The Chris Street  
Kisguri has created a wonderful Facebook game called The Killing Cove, with the objective being to save as many dolphins as you can from fisherman and dolphin dealers. This is also based on real life dolphin hunting and it's great that this game is raising awareness of it.

Comments from the Author:
"A present day tragedy that Dolphins endure at the hands of the fisherman and Dolphin dealers who hunt them is unfolding today in parts of the world like Taiji, Japan. Find out how many Dolphins you can save playing "The Killing Cove" and also learn what you can do to help stop the senseless murdering and imprisonment of these friendly and intelligent creatures."

Click here to add the game to your Facebook page and read its comments

Posted by Kisguri 20th September, 2010

So today I was able to complete most of v 1.3. Alot of cool things added and tweaked, I plan on adding a bit more, but I wanted to share the WIP at this point.

-Added option to shut down info panels
-Added more effects to nets
-Added Conserve Points
...-Added combo bonuses
-Added two human intervention actions (Surfer and Net Cut)

Let me know what you think!


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