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Console Competition Mark III
News posted 26th September, 2010 by OMC  
Here he comes to save the day! AndyUK's on the way! ...Where's the TDC a capella group when you need them?

The Console Competition. Yep, we're at it again! And this time, we want entries. Here's the premise:

The release of a new console is imminent! The competitors are software houses that have been given development kits for the new hardware. The hardware is a late 8-bit machine trying to compete with the NES, Sega Master System and the various 8-bit computers in the market in the late 80's and early 90's. It's incredibly ambitious but hopefully enough quality games will help the console gain a foothold in the market!

There's no deadline set because we want people to participate and finish. The prize is 3000 DC Points and a competition winner tag. (And maybe a sneak peek at the new TDC project?)

To see the limitations of this brand spanking new console, go to the competition thread here.

I'll give 500 DC Points to whoever comes up with the best company and name for the console, which we'll decide via vote. Get crackin'!

Posted by Old Man Hagar 26th September, 2010

Nice one
Posted by Dave C 27th September, 2010

set a rough deadlinie at least... having no deadline will not help get you any more entries.
Posted by OMC 27th September, 2010

Alright, shoot for a December release.
Posted by Hayo 27th September, 2010

I like game history reenactment, I'm in.
Posted by Old Man Hagar 27th September, 2010

All we need is HoogHair, Neo (Steve Harris), Rycon and Ashman now . Where is that time travelling delorean when you need one
Posted by Hayo 27th September, 2010

This is being pushed to the bottom of the front page way too quick.
Posted by OMC 27th September, 2010

That always seems to happen with the compo. It's slow, and then BAM, it's gone.
Posted by Sephirenn 28th September, 2010

Woooo, I'm working on another competition at the moment, but when that one finishes I will work on this one!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 30th September, 2010

Will be entering! I think... ^^


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