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Project Update: Football Live
News posted 3rd October, 2010 by OMC  
Okay, all you (aspiring/perspiring) footballers (in the Northern Hemisphere), cold weather's a-comin', and unless you've got a personal gym at your disposal, you might be in need of a football fix.

Johnny Look's current project is Football Live, a rather polished looking 3D football game. What? 3D? Yes! And what's more, it should be here by the end of October!

The project's latest update is about the game's team database, which includes national teams and the English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, and Portuguese leagues. There's also a team editor!

There's all kinds of crazy stuff to read about the game, and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump over to the project page. (CLICK HERE, for those of you that don't read.)

Posted by johnpow66 3rd October, 2010

not really a fan of sports games but this looks cool.
Posted by Matt Boothman 3rd October, 2010

I like the look of that Wosley Sneijder.
Posted by Marko 3rd October, 2010

Wosley Sneijder is a fantastic footballer! Watching this takes me back to that time when i first discovered Sensible Soccer (on the Mega Drive). That time was magical and so is this game, from what i've seen and played
Posted by Xhunterko 3rd October, 2010

Gameplay seems just a tad slow to me. Unless it's made to be a bit slower. Still, not bad for 3d. Looks professional.

I read the title. Then watched the video. I thought, huh, that's not football thats soc-ohhhh...ooopsie.

Posted by OMC 3rd October, 2010

I thought about putting the word soccer in there somewhere but didn't get around to it.
Posted by Johnny Look 3rd October, 2010

Hey OMC thanks for the post (and marko for giving the tip )

johnpow66: Thanks mate

Matt: Didn't you mean Wosley Snaijder ?

Marko: Thanks man, the comparison to Sensi is very flattering

Xhunterko: Thanks
About the speed of the game, you can adjust the game speed and make it slower or faster.

Thanks for the crit anyway

About the football/soccer confusion, actually changing the name to "-something- Soccer" is something I've been meditating a lot lately.
If anyone has suggestions for a new name, I'd be very grateful

Posted by OMC 3rd October, 2010

Footboccer live.

Or maybe Soccootball.
Posted by Johnny Look 4th October, 2010

Ahaha I kinda like those actually
Posted by johnpow66 4th October, 2010

how bout soccer punch extreme football!!! will u include a feature where u can fight with other players? throw in a few hand grenades maybe just for fun?



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