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New Quick Video: Sombreros by Dustin Gunn
News posted 4th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Out of the desert that is the new downloads page comes, Sombreros!! by Dustin Gunn A great new game with the most insane story ever to be told!

I set out to play the game for only a couple of tries but stuck with it for almost 1 hour making my dinner turn from hot to freezing cold, it is just very addicting!

Comments from the Author:
Originally created for the ACTION 52 OWNS project, Sombreros is a top-down shooter inspired both by the vaguely racist original game and countless western movies and games. 3 short but sweet levels full of setpieces and lots of variety, wherein you might just have to throw molotov cocktails at a donkey or fend off ants with your breath. Featuring original music by Arthur Lee that kind of kicks ass.

to find the missing Sombreros!

Posted by OMC 4th October, 2010

Gonna have to play more tomorrow, but so far it looks great.


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