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GB Halloween Competition!
News posted 6th October, 2010 by Jon Lambert  
It's a competition frenzy right now! After we announced both the console competition and the Christmas competition, Gamebuilder has got yet another competition to offer you, and this one comes with a really flashy prize! I'll let Gamebuilder super admin KetchupMaster explain:

It's that time again for our annual halloween competition! The theme is just anything relating to halloween or the theme of "haunted". Games can be flash or exe downloads. The deadline for entries will be November 1st at 11:59 PM GMT. Submit your entires to GB in the normal way and note in the description it is for the halloween contest. There are two prizes available:

MMF2 Flash License or $50 (donated by Clickteam) 1 Year of Standard Web Hosting from AtomicPages Web Hosting

Many thanks to Clickteam for the prize. You guys are awesome!

The 1st place winner will get first choice of prizes and 2nd place winner will get whichever is left over.

Click here to read more about the competition! You have to go there if you want to know the judging criteria!

Posted by Matthew Wiese 6th October, 2010

Sounds like fun. I might just enter this to lead up to the TDC compo, refine my ideas for physics based gameplay.
Posted by KetchupMaster! 6th October, 2010

Thanks for the news post Jon!

(Btw, you're missing the colon in your link to GB)
Posted by Solgryn 6th October, 2010

I wanna get flash :S So I guess I'll be joining this one too
Posted by Jon Lambert 6th October, 2010

gb logo link fixed

You're welcome, KetchupMaster!
Posted by Rikus 6th October, 2010

I cut off the wideness of both the gb and tdc christmas news story items since they were messing up the site on my low resolution laptop, hope that is ok!
Posted by Ricky 6th October, 2010

That is a beautiful logo whoever made it. Mind if we use it?
Posted by Rikus 6th October, 2010

For sur! I just made it actually
Posted by Jon Lambert 6th October, 2010

I think he just took a picture of a pumpkin and superimposed it with semitransparency. Might want to have whoever has the source image add it behind the text or draw a more cartoony pumpkin.
Posted by OMC 7th October, 2010

Rikus has latent graphic design skillz.
Posted by Rikus 7th October, 2010

It is not just a superimposed pic with was done with style and love and lots of hugs and kisses!! Anyway I changed it so the lettering is not transparent anymore, but i kinda liked the spookyness of the other image also, whatever GB prefers Anyway, woohoo Halloween is here!
Posted by Jon Lambert 7th October, 2010

I like this new one much better.
Posted by Rikus 7th October, 2010



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