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New Quick Video: Super Ecksdee Panic by Strife!
News posted 9th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Start your weekend banging with a new game from Strife Super Ecksdee Panic is a great platformer in the style of the old platforming games like Megaman. The game has a great feel to it and plays like a yummy Pizza topped with icecream fudge!!! I would love to see more games like these, it is awesome!

Comments from the Author:
Super Ecksdee Panic is a small project I started in September to see if I could make a full-fledged game within the course of a single month. It looks and plays like an affectionate parody of both Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. Anyway, the story is fairly simple and nonsensical. Killix and friends are having a normal day, when suddenly a strange curse hits them, making them spontaneously transform into chibis unless they eat magical eggs. As Killix, you must knock some sense into your companions and get them to help you find the source of the problem.

to start your Adventure!!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 9th October, 2010

That Stife sure is a productive guy!
Posted by OMC 9th October, 2010

I was gonna say the same thing!
Posted by Marko 9th October, 2010

That Strife sure is a prod.... oh, i was beaten to it! lol Seriously though, does Strife not sleep??
Posted by Rikus 9th October, 2010

The game is really good to, you guys should try it.
Posted by Strife 9th October, 2010

To be honest, I think all of my recent activity is because my various projects all catching up to themselves at roughly the same time. ^^;

I did hesitate on submitting Super Ecksdee for a good week or two for this reason... but last night I figured, why not?
Comment edited by Strife on 10/9/2010
Posted by Matthew Wiese 9th October, 2010

Looks extremely fun! And I can agree with that in-human productivity!
Posted by Strife 9th October, 2010

Just don't get used to it, eh? ^_~ It's only until I get my baby.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 9th October, 2010

Baby you say? As in real baby?
Posted by Strife 10th October, 2010

But of course. Due date is mid-November, so I'm totally going to make the most of the time I have left as a... erm, not-dad?
Posted by Marko 10th October, 2010

Trust me, from a new dad to another, you soon find all your time eaten up!

All worth it though mate - hope all goes well with the birth
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 10th October, 2010

And trust me, as a quite new dad (1,5 y), you'll find fantastic and exhausting new ways of making time! ^^ Heck, I'm aiming for THREE compos this year.
Ha ha, sounds quite stupid.
Posted by Rikus 10th October, 2010

Wow lots of clicker dads here As a dad of 2 kids, yes your life will change in a good way and as the kid get a bit older you will find that you will get more time back. Of course the only reason I am able to type this is that I turned Lilo & stich on and both of them are glued to the tv for the nex 60 min with some brekafast, I am sure they will be jumping on me once the show is over.. So I better type quick
Posted by Strife 10th October, 2010

Thanks guys for the ProTips!


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