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New GOTW: The Sanzaru Fortress by Guillermo
News posted 12th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Ohh todays GOTW winner, brings to us a game I missed when it was released to the site back in may. The Sanzaru Fortress created by Guillermo (Cc) has earned itself a spot on the GOTW page for everyone to see! Congrats! If you have not played this game the first time around be sure tod o it now, a real winner!

Click here to download todays GOTW Winner!!!!

Also we have been having a fun new poll with the title If you could be stuck on a deserted island with one of the TDC admins, Who would it be! It seems that most of you would like to be stuck with OMC and if he is not available to sit with you on a Island then according to the Poll I would make a good substitute.

Now I am really curious what the votes for the all new poll below will be!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 12th October, 2010

Congrats Guillermo!

And congrats Clayton too I guess!

Rikus has the best candy! ;D
Posted by Marko 12th October, 2010

Congratulations to Guillermo for GOTW. And if i was stuck on a desert island with an admin, i'd be more curious to know who would bring the Liquorice Allsorts!
Posted by Ski 12th October, 2010

Lol @ Poll.

Robert Rule isn't even showing his face on TDC, let alone being at his door to give out candy.
Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010$File/H-HersheyKissesAlmond.gif?openelement
Posted by Ski 12th October, 2010

Nut allergy fail Also Hershey's Chocolate tastes horrible
Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010

More for me!
Posted by CYS 12th October, 2010

Why does the title says "Illermo (Cc)"?
Posted by Rikus 12th October, 2010

..passes some hardcore candy to cys...Shhh xnay on the typo-ay
Posted by Jon Lambert 12th October, 2010

Candy is pretty expensive, and you can't give out candy corn or anything because it has no wrappers. Don't take candy if it has no wrapper, because you can't be sure that the person didn't put saw blades or PCP in it *cough*OMC*cough*
Posted by Rikus 12th October, 2010

I got some Twix and Mars bars here.. Anyone want some? You know the double size ones, not the tiny halloween ones some Admins might give
Posted by Jon Lambert 12th October, 2010

I work at a grocery store; ask and you might receive!
Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010

Pfff! Jon, I've seen you hand out broccoli before.
Posted by Strife 12th October, 2010

Why do most of these polls end up being a popularity contest between Rikus and OMC?
Posted by The Chris Street 12th October, 2010

Goddamn it you forgot me on the poll AGAIN
Posted by Jon Lambert 12th October, 2010

No, Chris was saying that you forgot "me." I don't know who "me" is though.

@OMC: SLANDER! MUDSLINGING! I only gives candy to the little boyses and girlses
Posted by OMC 12th October, 2010

You're the one rambling on about razor blades and PCP!
Posted by Ski 12th October, 2010

Ill vote for whoever has Swedish Fish
Posted by nim 12th October, 2010

I voted for Muz because it'd be a shame if any of the admins finished any of these popularity contests with 0 votes.
Posted by Rikus 13th October, 2010

lol sorry chris!
Posted by Jon Lambert 13th October, 2010

Swedish Fish it is.
Posted by Guillermo (Cc) 13th October, 2010

Thanks! I didn't see that coming Also, that poll needed more females, I refuse to get stuck on a deserted island with a man
Posted by CYS 13th October, 2010

Thanks for the candy! YUM YUM!
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 13th October, 2010

I have Swedish fish outside.
Posted by The Chris Street 13th October, 2010

Well, since vote manipulation is rife with empty offers of candy and sweets, allow me to throw my propaganda in.

Vote for Street and get lots of Willy Wonka Everlasting Gobstoppers, plus a bar of dark chocolate and a sherbet dib-dab. In addition you will also gain a WHOLE DC POINT if you vote for me!
Posted by Marko 14th October, 2010

Wow, look at all these posts - where have all the doom-bringers gone? Aren't they going to tell us "TDC is dying"??


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