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New Game: Cube
News posted 5th January, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from the Author: I recommend to play this game in a totally darkened room and using headphones! Believe me, the atmosphere is more than scary. But you really should not be distracted by anything else while playing it. The Cube was planned to live from itīs atmosphere and it really does. I know itīs a very short game that you will probably not play very often but still itīs worth a look. I hope you have some fun with it. Click here to download the game and read the reviews

Posted by 5th January, 2002

There's a mathematical formula, used on the movie. Is it the same here?
Posted by [HTS]HetH 6th January, 2002

*lol* Sorry, no not at all. Itīs very easy, nothing complicated.
Posted by Buggie 6th January, 2002

That was the first game EVER Klik game to scare me. So insane.
Posted by 6th January, 2002

Well, in the movie they factorized the number, decoded the coordinates, and then, divide it by the number of rooms * 2 / factorization. Something like that.


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