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New Game: Cannon Ballin' by selfishflesh
News posted 24th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Now here is a fun and original 2-player game created by selfishflesh that really is worth checking out!

In the game one player controls the cannon turret and the other controls a stealthy ninja. As the ninja you need to take over the cannon, and as the Gunner you need to defend your base. Bad words to eachother will be flying, pushing and pulling will happen, so prepare yourself for Cannon Ballin! (Awesome name btw!)

Click here to download Cannon Ballin!!!!

Posted by Ski 24th October, 2010

Emo name of the week award
Posted by selfishflesh 25th October, 2010

Thanks for the kind write up Rikus. Hope you enjoyed clashing with a fellow gamer.

Emo name? Cannons and balls?

Oh wait you mean me.

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 26th October, 2010

He does, but Adam is a... special, TDC user.
Posted by selfishflesh 29th October, 2010

Special priveleged/entitled? Or special-special? Or both?


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