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New GOTW: EverEternal WinterWorld 2 by Jake G
News posted 25th October, 2010 by Rikus  
Congrats to Jake (and the ACODERS crew) for winning this GOTW with EverEternal WinterWorld 2 . If you somehow missed it be sure to check it out, or hey why not play it a second time? It is worth it!

Happy Monday btw folks!

Click here to download todays GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 25th October, 2010

Posted by OMC 25th October, 2010

Posted by Marko 25th October, 2010

Woop-age for the GOTW winner!
Posted by Matthew Wiese 26th October, 2010

This GOTW is well deserved.
Posted by Introversity 28th October, 2010

Totally deserved it, even though technically it's abandonware.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 30th October, 2010

Abandonware are legit for GOTW. Covered that some week back.


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