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New Game of the week: Survivor: The Living Dead by Pyroklastic
News posted 4th December, 2010 by Rikus  
Another week is behind us and with that we got a brand new GOTW for you! This time Pyroklastic won with his scary game called The Living Dead Congrats to you sir!

We are getting really close to the current games as per writing we are now around October of 2010! Also be sure to vote for this new round of games!

Click here to download today's GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by Marko 4th December, 2010

Defo worthy of GOTW - congrats to you, Pyroklastic!
Posted by Bricnic 4th December, 2010

Agreed. Well done!
Posted by OMC 4th December, 2010



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