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Say Goodbye and give our respects to 3 TDC Admins...
News posted 6th December, 2010 by Rikus  
Today marks a weird day in TDC history. Today we are saying goodbye to 3 Admins. Some of them have been with the site for a long time. After talking with them and the other admins we feel this is the right time for them to drop their Admin duties and say goodbye. They all have different reasons, but we will not go into that here.

For now I want to wish my dearest respects and thanks to Davidn, Muz and Robert for the dedication for all the years and the time they spend working on the site. David became a Admin way back in 2003 (see here for his intro post) Muz has been sticking around here since 2002! And Robert gave the admin duties a crack in 2009. Now to be clear these 3 kind folks did not leave fighting or in a disagreement, I iniated the conversation to change things up a bit so that we might even get some new admins in here? Also to note they are not leaving the site itself, they are just dropping the admin hats.

So for now I am hoping you all will say your thanks and respectful comments, also negative/sarcastic comments will not be allowed in this topic and shall be removed. Because in the end these 3 people still spend a lot of time working on this site and that should be honoured.

Thanks guys and whatever you will do next I am sure it will be awesome!

Posted by Fanotherpg 7th December, 2010

But yeah I remember Muz and David since I was watching TDC (2003-2004) so it was even before I registered and they helped me a lot of times not only as a Klikers but as well as administrators... So yeah I will be missing you guys as admins but good luck with anything you will be doing now!
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Posted by monkeytherat 7th December, 2010

I may not have been here for very long, but from what I've seen of these people's work as admins, I'd say they did a great job and hope they enjoy the rest of their lives/ click careers
Posted by OMC 7th December, 2010

A toast.

Peanut butter or jelly?
Posted by Sketchy 7th December, 2010

Thanks guys, for all your hard work over the years. You've all done a sterling job
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 7th December, 2010

Thanks for doing a great job on the site!
Good to hear your not leaving it completely.
Posted by UrbanMonk 7th December, 2010

Should I apply for admin now?


Muz was still active though, why would he quit?

Oh well, thanks for the good work guys!
Posted by Ricky 7th December, 2010

I really don't understand why you would un-admin anyone (aside from them abusing their power, which i never saw with these 3). It'd not like there are limited slots.
Posted by Pan-tosser 7th December, 2010

indeed a weird day in TDC history
Posted by Muz 7th December, 2010

Rikus just started up a question of whether everyone is happy staying as admin. It was a clean up thing, and it was all voluntary, nobody was kicked out.

With power comes responsibility. It's not like there was much power or responsibility either way. But there's a bit of a personal advantage in that I don't have to worry about keeping TDC going. Admins are also held to a higher standard, and at the very least, I'm happier that I get a chance to argue with you guys without being conflicted whether to lock down the topic I'm arguing about

I did start admining when I was in high school, those days when you had 6 hours a day for school, 2 hours of homework, and the rest of the day to do whatever. These days, even my weekends are full, can't be bothered downloading stuff and writing news posts.

It's not like there's no disagreements. The admins are not a hivemind who think the same way. For example, I could be more despotic, while Rikus is more democratic. I might push to try to rival TIGSource in quality, but that doesn't go well with the current culture. It's not a bad thing, TDC's the longest lasting klik site under the current administration, but it conflicts with my personal game making philosophy. Too many admins also make it a bit crowded; everyone avoids stepping on each others toes, which might reflect in some slower response times.

With this smaller team, there's a lot more cohesion and mobility. The newer TDC admins are great individuals, it's a stronger team than any of the previous teams, and even guys like Circy are getting better with experience. They should pull through that secret project quite nicely.

As for me, well it frees up some time to be working on games again
Posted by Liquixcat 7th December, 2010

I do understand this, but it's just somehow remarkable to me that I log into TDC the day Muz and David agree to remove their admin status.

There is a certain amount of gratitude we owe these two admins specifically, this is of no offense to you Robert but your stay here was after mine so I don't really know you.

I think some sort of unobligated status should be given on Admins that lose their status for decent reasons, perhaps a symbol or recognition in other ways.

Anywho, sad day I think, sorry to see you go, good luck in your ventures!
Posted by OMC 7th December, 2010

That's a good idea. I should make an honorary tag at the very least later today.
Posted by The Chris Street 7th December, 2010

"With this smaller team, there's a lot more cohesion and mobility. The newer TDC admins are great individuals, it's a stronger team than any of the previous teams, and even guys like Circy are getting better with experience. "

Eh?! Whaddya mean?

In all seriousness though thanks for everything you've all done. You all were valuable assets to the continuation of TDC. Best of luckfor where your paths next take you
Comment edited by Circy Claus on 12/7/2010
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 7th December, 2010

rock n' roll guys, rock n' roll.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 7th December, 2010

Respects and goodbyes! I'm not dead, you know But the sentiments are appreciated. Having moved largely over to Clickteam's forums and not having really done anything here since 2006, it was time to admit that it was probably time to take me off the editors list - I'll still be around as much as I was before

My MS Paint skills were just amazing in 2003, weren't they?
Posted by Marko 8th December, 2010

Cheers guys
Posted by s-m-r 8th December, 2010

Happy trails to you all, and best of success on future projects.
Posted by CYS 9th December, 2010

Its quite a big responsibility staying committed as an admin for that long a time. I must say that you guys have done a great job having done so. Cheers!
Comment edited by CYS on 12/9/2010
Posted by Fredrik Ortmon 9th December, 2010

Thank you all for a great site !
Posted by Mkingy 10th December, 2010

Muz <3
Posted by Hagar 16th December, 2010

All the best Muz, David and Rob .

I never really knew Rob, but Muz was here before me, and David N was here slightly after me.

All the best dudes .
Posted by Ski 16th December, 2010

Out of interest, what did Rob do for the site?
Posted by Marko 16th December, 2010

He added newsposts, made many people feel very welcome and was generally a very good guy. In all, a positive contribution.
Posted by Ski 17th December, 2010

how many news posts? 2? 3? His pms didn't make me very welcome... but then not everyone shows their true colours I guess
Posted by Marko 17th December, 2010

That's right!
Posted by Toadsanime 18th December, 2010

Indeed, thanks for contributing to the site guys, you helped make it was it is, has been and will be. Wish you all the best of luck.
Posted by MasterM 18th December, 2010


look at all the nice comments everyone is leaving BUT ONE person decides to jump on the troll train again- just as usual.

anyways you all did a great job. very well done. good luck with everything else you are gonna do and i hope we will still see you around.


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