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Christmas Competition 2010 Entries
News posted 7th December, 2010 by The Chris Street  
Hey guys, just thought I'd put a little post about one of the two competitions currently running. The Daily Click Christmas Competition is heading towards its twilight moment. 23rd December 2010 marks the closure of this, and now is the time for users taking part to consider tying up loose ends.

Loose ends such as polishing the entry to a gleaming, shining product. Adding final cut-scenes, ironing out all the last bugs, that kind of thing. And don't forget, once you've finished, upload it somewhere, and then please submit to me, by DC Mail, the link to the source.

Full details are of course available on the competition mini-site (poorly designed in comparison with the Retro Competition). I wish all the participants the best of luck in the final leg of their competitive journey :)

Posted by Xhunterko 8th December, 2010

Herm, so I have a week to build an engine before ludum dare, and then about four days to build a few levels...I guess I could get in. How many entries are there so far?
Posted by The Chris Street 8th December, 2010

Actually I'm not 100% certain how many people are entering. About 8 or 9 perhaps?
Posted by Tropik 9th December, 2010

I'm going to make something at christmas compo. : ]
Posted by Haakon 9th December, 2010

I`m gonna make something the 23.december
Posted by Tropik 9th December, 2010

I'm going to make you cry when I win , muhahah xPP

So, how's creation?
Comment edited by Tropik on 12/9/2010
Posted by Duncan 14th December, 2010

Who are the judges?


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