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New Game Of The Week: Mafagafo Killing Center by gusto A. Duarte
News posted 12th December, 2010 by Rikus  
Let us move on to some great Weekend Game Of The Week News! This time gusto A. Duarte won with his game called Mafagafo Killing Center The game was actually loved by lots of people so if you have not played it yet, go check it out!

Now get ready, because this weeks GOTW will be a possible battle between 2 great games, who is going to win?

Click here to download today's GOTW Winner!!!!

Posted by Marko 12th December, 2010

Proper congrats to you, gusto A. Duarte!
Posted by Hagar 16th December, 2010

Nice one , going to check this out today
Posted by Fish20 17th December, 2010

Sir, this is actually #42
Posted by Rikus 17th December, 2010

Whoops! Sorry Fish. I have been gone all week, hopefully the normal updates will resume shortly


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