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New Project: Kingdom Kid
News posted 18th December, 2010 by OMC  
Blaaarg! It's the break between semesters here in where-I-live-land. This is the perfect time to jump into some projects, which is precisely what outerminds has been doing.

Here to present his project to you today, outerminds is working on a game called Kingdom Kid, in which a boy named Kid is chasing bullies in his dreams to rescue his little sister in real life.

Sounds interesting, eh? It's got some hand-drawn 8-bit hybrid graphics that are coming along nicely as well. You can watch a youtube video of the gameplay here.

Check out the Kingdom Kid Project Page here.

Posted by Liquixcat 19th December, 2010

It's so pretty!
Posted by OMC 19th December, 2010

Posted by Robert Dowling 19th December, 2010

I'm loving the style!
Posted by Marko 19th December, 2010

That drawing of the little platform dude is really nicely done - the limb movement and all the proportions looks great!
Posted by AndyUK 19th December, 2010

The animation on the main character is a bit bizarre and I don't think the sound effects and music suit the art style at all. But it is awfully nice looking.
Posted by Ski 19th December, 2010

The animation is exaggerated and pretty awesome, like with Super Juno and many of Sylvain's other animations. Definatley one of the best animators I know of around here
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 20th December, 2010

The animations are awesome, though I think the running one would be superb high-speed.
Posted by Pan-tosser 22nd December, 2010

I think the knees are lifting up to high on the walk. but thats just my taste. the art is vary professional


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