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New Game: Christmas Time Heroes
News posted 25th December, 2010 by Jon Lambert  
It's Christmas time everyone! And not just Christian Christmas, but SECULAR CHRISTMAS! That means Santa, cookies, and presents, and boy does Strife have a present for you. It's his entry into the TDC Christmas Competition, called Christmas Time Heroes! 'Tis a game of nice style and gameplay, with enough variety and pleasant music and graphics to interest me enough to make a news post. And you all know that doesn't happen a lot. ;)

Comments from Strife: The date is December 24th. A group of explorers and peacekeepers known as the Spectrum Force have stumbled upon a mysterious blue moon, and it appears to have ties with the Christmas holiday. Upon reaching the surface, they learn that a civil war is about to begin between the spirited Fawnful and the jealous, militaristic Rednoses, who are being led by a man known as Lord Sled. The Fawnful are on the losing side, and it's up to the skills of Indigo Sun and Violet Star to balance the scales and figure out what's going on. Can they stop the fighting in time for Christmas?

Click here to view and download Christmas Time Heroes!

Posted by Wackyjackie 25th December, 2010

We've got a winner?
Pretty good game .
Posted by Tropik 25th December, 2010

I thought the same thing. =d
Posted by HorrendousGames 25th December, 2010

Sheesh, I sure hope the judges don't judge the competition without looking at the other entries, too.
Posted by Strife 25th December, 2010

I was actually expecting a news post that lists all of the games submitted to the Downloads section so far. Granted, less than half of the entries have been uploaded to the site, but still, no love for the rest?

In any case, glad you like it, Jon. And thank you, Ark.
Comment edited by Strife on 12/25/2010
Posted by HorrendousGames 25th December, 2010

I'm still waiting to try some of the other games, there were a few that looked interesting, but that might just be an issue with some of the contestants (maybe they think the judges are submitting them?).
Posted by Dogzer 25th December, 2010

**** this game
Comment edited by OldManClayton on 12/26/2010
Posted by Tropik 25th December, 2010

Take it easy, Dogzer. ^^"
Posted by OMC 26th December, 2010

Completely unnecessary. Next time is a warning.
Posted by Dogzer 26th December, 2010

Posted by Jacob! 27th December, 2010

Hmm... good pixel art, but the shading seems sorta random, like you just randomly placed the pixel. I don't see a reason for most of the pixels to be the colours they are (darker pixels where there wouldn't be shading, for instance). Gameplay seems solid, though!
Posted by RenatoDep 27th December, 2010

I love it. Although I must be retarded I cannot pass Mission 2 =(
Posted by Strife 27th December, 2010

Jacob - Yeah, my shading can be a little weird in spots, especially without time to refine it. Thanks for the thumbs-up on the gameplay though. ^^

Renato - You can only destroy the key capsules with your Down + Jump move as either character. The first capsule is in the bottom-right corner of the stage. To reach the second one, go up from where the first one was and use the mushroom springs, then head left into a pit below a sliding platform.
Posted by RenatoDep 27th December, 2010

Oh I always do, but then I die after I go up the yellow platforms the enemies respawn when I am waiting on my yellow gauge to go up to heal =(
Posted by MrGoku 14th January, 2011

I love it! Best of luck mate. I just wish I could have completed our game in time. *sighs. Heh theres always next year! hehe ^_~


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