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Closing Out Christmas With Downloads
News posted 26th December, 2010 by OMC  
It's already over for some of you! Well, Christmas is winding down this year. The Christmas Compo is over, and the judges are set to start looking through the entries once the festivities end. I'll go ahead and knock out today and next week's greetings to you all: Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year! Santa's not here with TDC's present yet, but... he's coming!

Anyway, right here I'll drop two of the downloads that were submitted recently. First up is HatMan 2, which we've been awaiting from Bibin for some time. Time to do some hat chucking to take back Christmas (It's the hat grinch!).

Then we've got Santa Doesn't Love You, an interesting game by HorrendousGames. Pelt Santa's evil-alternate-universe-with-goatees alternate with snowballs and set traps to keep him from ruining Christmas!

Don't forget to check out the downloads page to see what we haven't featured! (I've gotta get back to stuffing my face with food and cookies.) I also want to remind you all that the Console Compo was supposed to drag in some entries sometime this month. It's obviously not a rock-hard deadline, but keep it in mind! Start tidying up those games you've been working on. We wanna play 'em before we die of Christmas food overload.

Posted by Duncan 27th December, 2010

I find something amiss in this and the preceding post.

What's festive about cookies?
Posted by OMC 27th December, 2010

Christmas cookies! Christmas cookies, I say!
Posted by Dogzer 27th December, 2010

some games aren't even christmacy enough to be in this compo... adding christmas trees to a random game doesn't make it christmacy at ALL
Comment edited by Dogzer on 12/27/2010
Posted by Dogzer 27th December, 2010

hat game and purple girl game should be disqualified, they have no christmas spirit at all!
Posted by Dogzer 27th December, 2010

i mean, hats that kill baddies? is that chritmas... and that purple girl game suits more a megaman clone compo rather than a christmas compo!
Posted by Dogzer 27th December, 2010

who's with me?
Posted by Strife 27th December, 2010

If the judges feel the same way, then we will be docked points in the Christmasiness category. Other than that, neither I nor Bibin violated any of the contest rules.

I'm really sorry that my game offends you, Dogzer.
Posted by monkeytherat 27th December, 2010

isn't 4 comments a little much? lol. Anyway, good luck to all, and to all, great entries!
Posted by Jacob! 27th December, 2010

If you don't mind me asking, what is the countdown for on most of the TDC news posts? I thought it was till christmas when it started, but it was still around 80 a month away.
Posted by HorrendousGames 27th December, 2010

They were supposed to be featuring something for 100 days or something once a day, but failed miserably, I think.
Posted by OMC 27th December, 2010

The countdown is counting down until we have counted down with a countdown.

In other words, it's a secret.
Posted by Jacob! 27th December, 2010

Posted by s-m-r 28th December, 2010

@ Dogzer: I noticed they had plenty of red stuff in their games. Kinda like this special Christmas edition, uploaded earlier this month:

I reckon the games you mentioned are full of enough Christmas spirit for this compo.
Posted by Dogzer 28th December, 2010

lol, red means they are santa's helpers
Posted by The Chris Street 28th December, 2010

Dogzer, stop being a Scrooge. None of the entrants will be disqualified.
Posted by Dogzer 29th December, 2010

but they are so good! tukky christmas' game is in danger!!
Posted by HorrendousGames 29th December, 2010

Posted by Dogzer 29th December, 2010

Posted by HorrendousGames 29th December, 2010

Barry... Where's Barry?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 5th January, 2011

HG: Why do you open your negative mouth when you don't even know what you're talking about?
Posted by HorrendousGames 5th January, 2011

Of all the negativity in this news post and the last one you've managed to point out something that wasn't negative in a negative manor, and on top of that you're late. Good Job.

What I said was called a "Bad Joke". Look it up.

I'm sorry you didn't agree with me in the one conversation you threw a temper tantrum in, but can we please get over it and stop acting childish?
Posted by OMC 5th January, 2011

The countdown did fail miserably!

But that's okay. Nobody's dead.
Posted by HorrendousGames 5th January, 2011

That's a lie, I am.
Posted by OMC 5th January, 2011

Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 7th January, 2011

Miserable fail.


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