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New Game: NightSky by Nicklas
News posted 9th January, 2011 by Rikus  
We love Nicklas_N over here at TDC, no really, we love him so much my wife might just get a tiny bit jealous!

Today he created a download page for NightSky right here on TDC and I suggest you stop whatever it is you are doing and.. ..

YES even the one thing you are doing right now with your arm over there sir, put the snickers bar down down and head on over to the NightSky Download page! 10 worlds filled with awesome platforming magic are waiting for you!

Click here to go to the download page for this game!!!!

..Mmm A Snickers bar you say eh?

Posted by Andi Smith 9th January, 2011

Looking forward to the end of the countdown
Posted by Marko 9th January, 2011

Marathon > Snickers. Game looks pretty - downloading!
Posted by OMC 9th January, 2011

I got a batch of Snickers in the mail the other day.

They were stale.
Posted by Duncan 9th January, 2011

I didn't realise you could make such a good game in MMF!

Fair play Nifflas!
Posted by Dogzer 10th January, 2011

what's the name of this? NOT ANOTHER BLACK SILHOUETTES GAME?
Posted by Dogzer 10th January, 2011

Posted by AndyUK 10th January, 2011

Yeah whats with the gradient + black foreground. Thats a bit lazy Nifflas.
Posted by Dogzer 10th January, 2011

and what's with the white eye dot, no eyebrows? that's face 101, you gotta add eyebrows
Posted by Hagar 10th January, 2011

I put my Snickers down by my nuts.

You see I have a bowl of nuts (cashews) on my desk...
Posted by Blue66 10th January, 2011

What's up with that countdown anyway? Will the world end after it's finished?
Posted by UrbanMonk 11th January, 2011

Hopefully not! Cause then we wouldn't be able to see the new site makeover!

So yeah, new site when the countdown is over I believe.

The game is good, and the graphics are not much worse than what he's already made. Colored blocks with lines and some photographs.

I'd say Saira was his masterpiece.
Posted by OMC 11th January, 2011

I wish that was it!
Posted by alastair john jack 11th January, 2011

I wish there were 2 white dots on the ball at least
Posted by Ski 11th January, 2011

I was pretty sure it's supposed to be the shine on the ball...
Posted by Dogzer 11th January, 2011

I realized that when I played it lol, I feel ashamed now
Posted by Dogzer 11th January, 2011

still, the shine is 1 single white pixel? That's specular lighting 101!


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